Vicar: The Rev'd Canon Dr Sarah Hills
Churchwardens: Mr S Bevan & Ms M Bushnell
Located in the southwest corner of the village, the Anglican 'Parish Church of Saint Mary the Virgin' is reputed to stand on the site of the original monastery founded by Aidan in 635ad. Indeed, parts of the existing structure date back to the 7th century, several hundred years before the appearance of the Priory.
Whilst its main role is to serve the small Island community it is also a year-around focus for tens of thousands of visitors and pilgrims - Christian and others.
Visit our Parish Church Nave
The Nave
Visit the Church Chancel
The Chancel


If you have the time during your busy day, we would love you to come and look around inside our historic church and experience some moments of quietness and enjoyment.
Perhaps you too may sense the 'thinness' linking with the ancient saints who trod the same ground so many years before.


Note: Any changes to service times or additional services will be posted on notice board in Church porch.