Saint Mary's Parish Church
Holy Island
Vicar: Rev'd Dr. Paul M. Collins
Wardens: S Quilty and M Bushnell
Holy Island Coat of Arms
Support: The Parish Church of this Island, serving first the local population of about 150, is nevertheless dependent on its visitors to help maintain it as a Grade 1 historic building. It is incidentally the oldest building on the Island with a roof on it! We welcome pilgrims and all others to visit the Church, to join in the regular services held daily, to look round, to stop for a while, to light a candle and be still in what is often spoken of as a tangeably holy place. In response we invite our visitors to support the maintenance of the church with a donation as they leave. Please take advantage of the gift-aid envelope if you are a tax-payer. On the table near the door you can purchase pamphlets about our history, our Island Saints and the Lindisfarne Gospels.
Our Church's monthly magazine, Holy Island Times, can be purchased at the Island Post Office. The current subscription is £5 per annum, plus £3 postage. Regular copies (10 issues per year) can be sent by post by writing to The Editor .
Enquirers with internet access may obtain a free subscription to our monthly e-magazine on-line at This gives a regular extended bulletin of news of the Island and is sent on the last day of each month.
Details of the 'Friends of St Mary's Holy Island' may be obtained from The Vicarage . This offers two Newsletters each year in May and November to those who wish to become regular subscribers (minimum of £10 p.a.) to the Church Appeal Fund, keeping you in touch with the Church's current news.
Development: In response to recent legislation the Church has made provision for access into and around the church for all by removing all steps and introducing lighting in the churchyard (manually operated). The Parochial Church Council (PCC) also is making final plans for a new church vestry to be built onto the South wall of the Chancel in the autumn of 2009, thus vacating the existing vestry which is to be converted into a disabled toilet. This will mark the first occasion that the church will have running water. The renovation during the year of a fourth 18th century hatchment (which hang in the chancel) will complete a large programme of improvements undertaken in the last four years. There is also a 'Donate a Kneeler' project, with 81 kneelers, cushions and pew-seat covers, which continues to run, with our own registered Lindisfarne design. The PCC has an open Appeal Fund to help towards the completion of these various projects.
Donations: St Mary's Church Appeal would be very pleased and encouraged to receive your help in completing its improvements, and equipping its facilities for the ever increasing numbers of visitors to this Island and to our treasured Parish Church.
Please make any contributions payable to St Mary's Church, Holy Island, care of The Treasurer , from whom standing order and gift aid forms can be obtained. We thank everyone who has made a contribution towards our welfare.
Deo Gratia.

Thank you to the late Brother Damian SSF, our previous vicar,
for his help in the design of this website.

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